The instrument

"The art of mastering matter"

 fabrication03  Gary Pons chooses the very best materials from the greatest of all German piano-makers to make his own pianos. Just like certain secrets of master piano-makers, these are essential and fundamental for creating a great instrument that can provide such a powerful capacity and beauty of tone; a sound piano with unrivalled action precision. Carefully selected components: The spruce used for the sound board is selected amongst the very best species (tight-veined), enhancing the transmission of sound waves by the bridge that ensures the alliance between string vibrations and the soundboard. The laminated maple pin-block is perfect for locking the pins in place.fabrication01 The keys are made of basswood, most of the action parts are maple. Middle and treble strings are from Röslau. The bass strings are hand-spun, offering an extra guarantee of quality. The pins (made of nickel) are excellently manufactured and keep the piano in tune. The felts are made in France or Germany. The hammers are chosen amongst the very best according to the desired timbre or tone: Renner (German) / Abel (German), FFW (German), or Japanese. Pianos from our Platinium “R” series are systematically equipped with a Renner action mechanism.



  The cast iron frame can withstand a string tension of over 20 tons, guaranteeing that bright tone and powerful capacity. Each instrument is adjusted and tested individually (regulation of action parts, balancing keys, depth of keystroke and voicing). Each piano is played, then regulated and tuned several times in order to guarantee an incomparable soundness. Gary Pons’ craftsmen all possess perfect technical and musical knowledge that they exploit to construct and complete their pianos. Each instrument receives a savoir-faire from yester year. Stainless steel and Altuglass used for the outer components do nothing to impair its sound; quite the opposite. Production is limited to a few dozen pianos per year.

The Design
“If God played the piano, he would play a Gary Pons"
 Magazine: Xlusso, Italie

A design, a signature...

design01  For over twenty years, Gary Pons has been inventing the design of his pianos; here is an invitation to experience an authentic and exclusive tale. A pioneer in the art of associating stainless steel, aluminium and altuglass, Gary Pons offers an exclusive vision of the piano. The Plexart collection unveils a style and a brand, unique in the world... created to make us forget the ordinary, and break open new boundaries into a land of prestige. Each instrument thereby becomes unique, an invaluable treasure...

  The construction and adjustment of parts and the finish is all hand-made. Each work of art is numbered and signed. Talent and commitment are necessary to attain such a fusion between the initial sketch, ndesign02oble materials and instrument-making. Like crystal, Altuglass brings lightness and transparency to the instrument.The aluminium and the stainless steel, brushed, polished or ground, unveil all their luxurious beauty, worthy of the outstanding tone released from these exceptional instruments. “The freshness of an ice sculpture...” They offer infinite play of light and have fun with the different shades of your interior. Give your piano a direct or indirect light, why not a bit of colour? It will sparkle in a thousand and one different ways. Maintenance is easy; Gary Pons pianos hold on to their shine for years and years.

Plexart series

Invaluable pianos...

sy187The Plexart pianos from Gary Pons’ new collection are designed to transport you into a world of excellence. Their exceptional tone is what makes these pianos so fascinating, at the height of prestigious French manufacturing combined with an haute couture design. Each Gary Pons piano is unique, handmade by master craftsmen who employ ancestral skills. Their passion transforms their labour into art. On a continuous pursuit for perfection, they work with the finest materials, falling into the pure tradition of luxury “à la française”. In 2010, the Gary Pons brand joined the Luxuria selection in Monaco that brings together top creators from all five continents.

  Gary Pons pianos are unforgettable instruments, and can now be found over the four corners of the earth. Like any art collection, there is a variety of pianos within a range entitled Plexart that is composed of 6 grand and 3 upright pianos, each one numbered and signed by their creator. Gary Pons pianos are recognised world-wide and offer the privilege of owning that extra dash of soul that makes all the difference.